Saturday, February 28, 2009

Still Looking

Hoping to make final choices of fabric today and complete block tomorrow. This so much fun. Libby
Didn't get block made, still evaluating fabrics. This is a few options.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let the learning begin

I got my class and spent about 1 hour reading and learning. I have always had trouble picking out fabrics for my quilts and usually ended buying a lot of kits in the colors I liked.

The color topic in this lesson has helped a great deal.

I have also signed up at the forum and introduced myself there. This whole process has been very easy.

My printer is on the blink and I tried to copy this to my jump drive where I could open it any time I wanted to with out tying up space on my laptop and it would not let me do that.

I will email Barbara and see if there is a problem with them or just my computer.



Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am ready!!

I am off tomorrow and ready to play!! I wander what time we are getting our lesson. Guess I better go read my class instructions one more time.
I have all my stuff ready to play. I am hopeing to make a gift for someone special with the lessons.

Tomorrow is the day!!!

Ready? Tomorrow is the first day of class :-) A little different then the "First day of School". Instead of a new box of crayons we have: fabrics, threads, beads, buttons, and "bling".

Can't wait for the first lesson.

Monday, February 23, 2009

My supplies are puny :)

Oh WOW! I have been looking at the pictures posted and have "supply envy" big time :) The picture of the kitchen island gave me a wonderful idea - DF built me a cutting station that is basically a kitchen island just my height with very deep shelves with some drawers on one side and some not so deep shelving on the opposite side. It is this opposite side that I can dedicate to my CQ goodies - other than fabrics. So, thank you for the idea. I was actually considering buying another rolling card but wasn't sure where I'd keep that. And since my supplies are very small compared to what I've seen here - no problem. We're going to need a bigger house - shh, don't tell DH, he wants to move big time :) I am so looking forward to this class and am very glad I have "friends" to share it with.

My supplies so far

Decided to step out of my comfort zone with this class. After all, Sharon is an internationally recognized leader in Crazy why stick with something I already know...I want to learn!

So, am going with things I love...velvets and brocades and might still put in a couple silks as well! And bling!

After 5 Fabric

I read somewhere that if you use spray startch on the slippery fabric it will handle better. I'm making some test strips for Shawkl's seam treatments and I kdid use the spray startch. I will let you know how it works. It did not damage any of the material so far.

getting supply list covered

I told Dh that I was going to the sewing room to clean up yesterday afternoon and he came out about 4:30 wanting to go get something to eat. My studio looked like Hurricane Camille hit.

He just shook his head and went back in the house.

Please dont look at the mess. I keep all my supplies in plastic containers under this kitchen island. The island came out of a house that was getting an upgraded kitchen. It makes a perfect cutting table and work table. I croped the mess out. LOL
I think if I am going to have to make a purchase it will be fabrics and silk ribbon. I have never done silk ribbon embroidery and crazy quilted, but I am an avid cross stitching fan. I have always enjoyed doing the Mirabilia, Just Nan, and Teresa Wentzler designs. I never go for the small projects unless it was Mill Hill Christmas ornaments. I have a huge selection of left over beads from all these projects.
All my krienik comes from doing the Serendipity Christmas scene for my mantle that was done in 5 pieces and took me 10 years to finish. It was frames in a frame with hinges on it so that it stood on the mantle. I am rattling. Sorry

Friday, February 20, 2009

Supply pics

Pics of my supplies for class.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

"after 5 fabrics"

I just want to put my 2 cents in. I am no longer afraid of the slippery fabrics. I am by no means, no way, no how any kind of expert. But I am a fast learner and always copy good ideas. I read about this on a blog.

For slippery fabric to become stable (so that it behaves like cotton ) all you must do is use fusible interfacing on it. I have started using easy knit fusible interfacing and have had much success. Try it at least once. I promise you won't regret it.

Ready, Set, Go!

I'm ready...have all the supplies I need. No need to "gather" as they are in their usual spot awaiting my block to be pieced. A little short on lace perhaps, but Nicki has already taken care of that, just waiting on USPS. Was short on buttons, but have been buying them up, good to go!

I agree that cotton is my preference, and think I'll mix that with some light textured upholstery type fabric I have...and velvets. Not a big fan of the shiny probably not anything too slippery will be included.

thinking of using a couple pieces of doilies...but guess that will wait until we get the first lesson handout.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I think I am good on all supplies, just hoping I have enough silk ribbon, that is the only thing I have a small supply of. That wonderful Holee sent me a package today and it was full of buttons and 3 photos on fabric! I love her!! She is such a sweet lady. I will probably not lay out my stuff until ready to use, as I will try to match what I have with the colors of my block.

Class Supply List

Supply list

I'm hoping others post a pictures of their "supplies" once they get them gathered for the big start next week. I've taken a snow day - turned out I didn't need it - so I may as well start gathering mine. Can you say "excited" - By the way, Quiltsewpieceful - love the preview of what you did with my quilts that feathering is stunning. Now I know exactly who it will be intended for :) The B&W with red is MINE!!

CQ Encrusted Class List

YEAH!!! Just got the email with supply list for the CQ Encrusted class with links to supplies on Joggles.

Ok, reading the list I think I'm already not going to follow the rules....or I might have to make two blocks for this classs. I was really thinking about using cottons for this class, but the instructions say to use "after 5 wear" fabrics.

I think I have most of what I need for this class, maybe some more buttons.

Happy PreStitching Shopping.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

posting pics

Ok I am going to try to post a pic.
This is the pic of the back side of Royalboomers quilt.
There are more pics on my blog which is new and not much on there. I am just now starting to get into this blog thing.

It worked but I can not find the "layout" option to add my favorite links!

helpme helpme helpme!

Okay have been granted permission as administrator. You should be able to get to layout...and add links to your section on the right of the page. :)

if all else fails read the directions!!!!!

I think I am finally in. I failed to accept my invitation first. I am bad about not following protocol. I usually have the swing set completely assembled with 50 parts left over before I read the directions.

I am excited about this. I am going to try to post a picture if this goes thru. Mind you it will not be a cq project as I have never finished one. But that is about to change right?

Pic of work in progress as vacation project.

Stacking 6 of these in a pyramid for my wall.

I'm In!! I think?

I hope I'm in. I thought I did this the other day, but nothing showed up. I am so Blog handicapped.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Playing with the layout.

I was just making a few changes, if you don`t like them, feel free to change anything. I did make the font a little larger as I have trouble reading the small print. I get my new glasses next month!!! lol

Nancy's Here Too!

I did it. Yesssss! Now to learn my way around here. I am so excited to be part of this with you all. Woo Hoo

Talia is in!

rolling in at 7am but going back to sleep shorly after this ;) yayayay it's almost tiiiime!!!! ♥
Great job Kathy and everyone, this is going to be fun!

It worked!

Somehow I think this part is going to be easier than the class work! If I knew it was going to want a gmail address I would have just used this one to start with, LOL.

Is it time for the supply list yet??!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Posting Links

For don't "create a blog post".

Go to "customize".

Go to "layout".

Depending on how you have set up for blogging...(mine are on my dashboard, so I see different versions than you might)...

You want to look for "layout"...that will show you the structure of the blog. The personalized (i.e. your name) areas for posting links is found in layout.

ETA: Oh, I didn't realize that after you answer the invite...I then can go back in and change your to "administrator" the six that have already posted SHOULD be able to go into layout now and post your links. We still have five ladies that haven't seen their invite e-mail yet...and I'll do admin ya'll after you check in. The site doesn't give me the option until that point.

YEAH!!!! CQ Encrusted Blog

Thank you Kathy, for setting up the CQ Encrusted blog. Great way for us to communicate about the online CQ Encrusted class. Not to mention good outlet for our excitement as we wait for the class to start.

Made it :)

Took 5 tries but I made it :) Couldn't read the garbeldygook part obviously!!

I am so looking forward to the class and to getting to know all of you more during the process!

I'm in!...

....but I can't post my favorite links. When I go to my dashboard, I'm only allowed to modify the layout of the blog that I created. The other 3 blogs, which I only have permission to post to, don't let me go into the layout. Maybe we have to e-mail shawkl with our favorites since you created the blog.

Tisme is in

I got my invite and am here. I will post the link on my blog, so I know whenever this gets updated.

Libby aka SC Lady

Did I get here? SC Lady aka Libby

How to add your favorite links

Go to layout

On Right side is a block with your name, and "edit". Click on edit.

No need to change anything already there, or fill in all of the blocks.

Just go to "new site url" and type in the url (beginning with http://) for your sites. Hint: if your favorite site is www.something...type in http://www.something

Click on add site, and the new site will appear in the box near the bottom. Add as many as you want.

Click on save and your name with favorites sites will appear on the blog.

How to Post

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Click create or new posts.
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