Saturday, March 14, 2009

Also way behind

Don`t feel bad Kathy, I am so far behind, I might get caught back up with everything by July!!! lol
I still need to finish my mini quilt for the exchange. I need to get my work done on one RR, have a second one here to work on as soon as this one is done. I have not even started on my retreat items. T-shirt and challenge item
I finally this week got my squares cut for the Scraps to Treasure challenge. I have my FQers ready to mail on Monday for the Bingo game.
I am off on Tuesday and Wednesday so hope to get lots of work accomplished then.
And Jody, I still have to write the work for the button cluster lesson, but am going to get that done. I do have all the pictures uploaded to my computer.
Does anyone else get this far behind?? :)


  1. I'm working on doing seam embellishment, but no way have I done all of them yet. LOL! ;) Still reading on lesson #3. Need more time, also like all of you. Libby

  2. Oh Lordy, I completely forgot...I promised to write a wiki lesson on cast-on stitches! Gees, Jody...and Carolyn...why didn't ya'll yell at me! So, sorry...I'll get on that this week as well!!

  3. I'm right with both of you!!! The retreat is getting closer and I'm getting further behind: COF t-Shirt, FQ challenge, supplies/tools for COF classes, COF Purse project, COF Yankee Gift Swap, COF FQ Bingo FQs and CQ Bingo stuff.... Then there is the HGTV RR, Mermaid RR, CQ Encrusted Class, 12 Stitches a month in 12 Months, Art Journal Challenge, FQ Bingo FQs if I'm going to play...just don't know if I have time. Then there is my day job and working on getting more info for the wiki....three blogs, two forums, and facebook!!!! GOOD thing I don't "Twitter"!!!