Sunday, March 15, 2009

Where I am so far...

I managed yesterday and this morning to stitch a little bit. Started on one side of the makeup bag and did seams. I haven't added any beads yet, as I usually do all the stitching the thread doesn't get "hung up" in the beads.

Here is where I'm thinking of putting some lace/sequin motifs I bought.

Next, beading, SRE, ribbon...charms?...think this makeup bag should have been a suitcase for all I'd like to do. But, hey...isn't the term "Encrusted" might need a shovel the make you way around this block when it's done!


  1. Did you hide the face with that flower? Clever.
    Your stitches are so controlled looking, neat and precise. Libby

  2. Very nice. I've stitched the seams on one of my blocks starting to work into motifs.