Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Open to Suggestions...Anyone?

I posted this on the Joggles Forum...and am opening it here...cause I know ya'll will give me some feedback!

Here's the front of my makeup bag so far.

Here's my plan, not yet executed...the top (will be next to the zipper) will have a beaded, I'm not adding much more across that top line.

The dragonfly, gold charm in the center motif, and red butterfly are not yet attached..but planned.

The seam under the dragonfly will get crystal beads. The spiderweb will get a spider.

I'm struggling a little with the area where the red butterfly needs something...and I'm not sure the butterfly is it. Was also thinking about a twisted ribbon of beads (bugle and seed) that area then moving "under" the button cluster in the center...and exiting on the other side...ending up in the area with the two floral motifs. That might help move the eye across the rectangle shape...but it might be too much.

Open to all suggestions. Thanks.


  1. Kathy, I think I would do some silk ribbon flowers in that corner and spread them out almost to the spot where you have the butterfly now. Then put the butterfly down.
    OR, I would tkae some ribbong and attach it in that area with seed beads in a nice curvy wave, then attach the butterfly.
    I love what you have done with your piece!!! It is going to be beautiful.

  2. I think some silk ribbon flowers or ribbon with beads under the butterfly would give it some dimension, a place to "land". Or put a piece dyed lace under the butterfly and embellish?

    Your blocks are beautiful, they are going to make an amazing "makeup" bag.

  3. oh wow!!!! Kathy, it's gorgeous! I don't really have any suggestions, i think it looks amazing so far! I need to get on the ball already!

  4. Kathy, I like you butterfly, however it gets a little lost being right next to the red of the block. If you moved the butterfly more into that goldy patch, it would draw your eye from the red fabric in the middle, out to the butterfly, then maybe do you beaded ribbon from the red patch,up and around the dragonfly to move your eye around