Sunday, March 15, 2009

My first go at CQ!

Hi everyone,

Today I had a chance to finally sit down and try to put my first CQ blocks together (did I mention I've never CQ'd at all??). So here are my first 2 blocks:

The block on the left was my first attempt. On the second block, I added the lace in the middle. I could probably work on perfecting fabric size, shape and placement, but I think I will stick with these for the rest of the lessons. In the future, when I'm a bit more experienced, I can look back at these and learn from them. I don't want to waste too much time perfecting lesson 1 or I'll never make it to lesson 2, which is all printed and waiting by my bed for my nighttime reading!


  1. Kristin, what beautiful fabric, all looks like silk, you'll have fun making your stitches on it. The colors are so nice and eye appealing. Libby

  2. I also like the shades you chose, and can just see lots of beautiful stitches and button clusters! You did a wonderful job for your first block...way to go!

  3. Good the spring colors, nice background for some silk ribbon flowers.